Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's getting akward...

I only have 10 more days until I leave. Everyone is acting all depressed and sad around me. I catch people looking at me with sad faces and people keep saying we'll miss you and things like that. It's like "guys... I'll be back! it's not like I'm terminally ill and you won't see me this side of heaven ever again!" I think my family is more scared for this next year than I am. You would think that I'd be the one going "oh my! I don't know the language! I'll be all alone! I won't know anybody at first!" and my friends and family would reply "you'll be fine, you'll catch on, and it's only a year" But no. It's the other way around. I will definitely miss everyone, but it is only a year. I will be back! (*sigh*) I guess I should look at it in a positive light: I will be missed :) awwww. thanks guys ;) Love ya too.

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