Monday, March 22, 2010

Im still alive.

Its not that Ive gone missing or anything like that. When I was in training for this year an exchange students curve was explained to me.... at the begining everything is super exotic and exciting, then novemberish you start to get used to the new country and realize that a year is a really long time. then you get over it and realize that your really lucky to have such a cool experiance and simply live your life as a forigner. finally, you fall in love with your new version of life and are a total mess when Rotary makes you return to your home land. Im at the simply live your life stage. My name is Deanna and im an exchange student to belgium. its no longer a news flash or a banner that randomly streams across my brain and makes me gasp thinking about how remarkable this situation is. its simply a fact. I eat my breakfast of bread and nutella while drinking green tea, I go to my aerobics class on monday where the instructer yells things in french, i walk home from my private catholic school on days when it isnt raining. I make salads. I do laundry. i watch films with out subtitles, occasionally i take a train halfway across the country to visit a museum or something like that. its normal. everything that happens now-a-days is what happens to Deanna the exchange student. Sorry if i don't blog everytime I do something. Cuz at this point, im simply living. =P so certain cousins, aunts, and friends. CALM DOWN <3 im still here, im still making the most of it. and ill see yall soon =) love ya!!