Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bedroom Be Gone... :(

My super sweet, amazing, overdecorated, cramped, little blue space of a room will never be the same. I started packing away things into boxes yesterday evening. It was weird. I still have all my math notes from high school. I have a whole bunch of certificates and papers and books and movies that I want to keep. So I have them taped up in cardboard cells. Jake, I think, plans on moving in before I move out. He is a little two eager to have his own room. Though I probably can't blame him. Today he asked me to move all my stuff out of the way so he could wash "his" windows. I told him I'm still living there. On Facebook I put that I wished the 14th was closer.... mixed feelings: 1. I'm going to Belgium!! I'm gonna live in Europe for a year and I'm gonna eat chocolate and have sisters and learn french and it's gonna be Great! 2. I won't be in America for a year. I won't be here for Christmas or birthdays. My baby cousin will be an entire year older when I see her again. She isn't even a year old yet! I love where I live. I'll miss that too. Now I see my friends almost everyday. That will be a huge change! :( ... like I said, mixed feelings.

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