Saturday, August 29, 2009


it was great... i had a tent to myself... one that set itself up! our camp site was rite on the ocean, if it wernt for a very thick hedge between us it would have been very easy to fall off the cliff into the waves. The dangerous animals from before: snakes.... vipers to be exact. i didnt see or hear anything tho. I did see jellyfish, star fish, and crabs. we went diving for shells that we were going to eat but we didnt have the chance to cook them in time. I tried some very strange foods: raw oysters, giant shrimp things, a spaggetti- chicken- salsa dish. I got to make a crépe... it turned out pretty bad. way more crunchy than the proffesionally made ones. Europe has the best hand dipped ice cream i could ever imagine! beyond your wildest dreams lies europes ice cream. I went to a Fest Noz party thing. it was a very interesting version on line dancing. thats the closest i can describe it... youtube it. The pizza is pretty crummy. when you order a pizza here they bring you an entire 12 slice pizza... WAY too much for one person... but they finish it.

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  1. haha. why were you going to eat shells? that sounds painful. and i've never heard a better oxymoron than "giant shrimp" :D