Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bedroom Be Gone... :(

My super sweet, amazing, overdecorated, cramped, little blue space of a room will never be the same. I started packing away things into boxes yesterday evening. It was weird. I still have all my math notes from high school. I have a whole bunch of certificates and papers and books and movies that I want to keep. So I have them taped up in cardboard cells. Jake, I think, plans on moving in before I move out. He is a little two eager to have his own room. Though I probably can't blame him. Today he asked me to move all my stuff out of the way so he could wash "his" windows. I told him I'm still living there. On Facebook I put that I wished the 14th was closer.... mixed feelings: 1. I'm going to Belgium!! I'm gonna live in Europe for a year and I'm gonna eat chocolate and have sisters and learn french and it's gonna be Great! 2. I won't be in America for a year. I won't be here for Christmas or birthdays. My baby cousin will be an entire year older when I see her again. She isn't even a year old yet! I love where I live. I'll miss that too. Now I see my friends almost everyday. That will be a huge change! :( ... like I said, mixed feelings.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Host Family

Yesterday my second host mother emailed me. I think this is the family that I will be spending Christmas with. The son I'm replacing is moving to Canada after my birthday. There are three boys and one girl in this family. Sweet. More Brothers and another sister. Right now my siblings (real and host) total 4 girls and 7 boys. (*sigh*) so many brothers... Only 18 more days in the USA.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Suitcase Success!

Three weeks today I will be flying to Brussels!! Since I had NOTHING better to do i practiced packing my suitcase ;) I fit every single article of clothing I plan on taking (with the exceptions of a shirt that's in the wash and the new socks I need to buy) into my largest suitcase, didn't even need the expandable zipper thingy, and then, since the airport will not tolerate suitcases weighing even an ounce over 50 lbs, I weighed it on my wii fit balance board: 32 pounds!! WOO!! I squeeze more clothes into it so I'm pretty happy right now =P I was worried, because I'm one of those people who keeps clothes just in case I may need it for, I don't know, a costume or something, I couldn't imagine living out of a suitcase for an entire year!! Shucks, when I go on a weekend trip somewhere I over-stuff that suitcase. I'm in a very good mood :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brand New Blog!

This is it. My first, actual Blog Post. I thought it appropriate for me to start off my blog by saying "I'm starting a Blog!" My plan is to write about being an exchange student on these post so I don't have to Email all 528 people who said "email me!" every time something cool happens (which hopefully is all the time.) Don't worry... you'll still be contacted everyonce in a while, but not everytime something cool happens. You gotta come here for that :) Tada! first post.