Sunday, August 16, 2009

I,m here!

it is taking me about seven times as long to type this post because french keboards are very screwed up. the a and q are switched as are the z and the w. any way... my family is wonderful. they are doing wonderful job of being patient with me. already i have learned some french. tonight we leave for france to camp. my host parents just finished explaining dangerous animals that live there also. it will be a good time.

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  1. Hey Deanna,
    It's Josh. I don't know if you're excited or creeped out that I'm following your blog. I'm actually really excited to read about all of the awesome things you experience. I created an account on here so I could leave comments.
    I'm glad you made it safely to Europe. You will have to let me know when your French picks up so I can leave you comments in French. By the time you come home your French will definitely surpass mine.
    Ha, I'd like to know which dangerous animals you were warned about.
    I have also had the awkward experience of typing on a French keyboard; you're right, it's pretty difficult.
    Well, I'm going to go study some Chinese and prepare for a placement test. Have an awesome day! Keep me updated!