Saturday, September 5, 2009


So yesterday was the first day of school. Im not really sure how it went since it was all in french. The school is huge but it covers middle school and elemantary school. Either that or 6th graders are tiny! Im in the same room with the same people all day. The teachers move around which is the total opposite of Minerva. I also have a different schedual everyday. Friday was religion, economy, gym, and spanish... thats right... spanish. The teacher is really sweet tho. She made me do the same assignment as the rest of the class except I wrote a paragraph in French instead of Spanish. and ive made friends!! Some of whom live in my town so its all good. This morning (saturday) I went to my host-dads bagpipe practice. Imagine... 4 bagpipes, two field snares, and a base drum in the same smokey room. It was still sweet tho, even tho 6 hours later my head is still ringing. And great news... I could possibly become the drumish-major of the Drum and Bagpipe Core here! How sweet would that be!?!? (kilt and all)


  1. j'espère que tu parles de moi quand tu dis que tu t'es fais des amis ;) je sens qu'on va bien s'amuser cette année avec toi :D et vivement la prochaine soirée :) (I post it in french to improve yourself :p ) à toute ;)
    CHRISTOPHE ( le beau :p )

  2. hey salut deanna :D vive la belgique!! :P vite la prochaine party :D quentin, le voisin de christophe le beau :p

  3. ptin padu t'es con, elle va pas comprendre le voisin comme le voisin de classe, t'es malin :p puis si tu dis quentin le beau je suppose qu'elle va comprendre qu'on parle pas de Devroed mdr