Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Month Later...

Has it really only been a month??? It feels so much longer than that. I feel like Ive been in school for a month, let alone Europe. School is great. Ive made some good friends with kids in my class. The one kid who sits next to me speaks at least 3 languages and he translates the important stuff for me. I think Im doing a decent job of keeping up considering my french is terrible. I can tell its getting better tho. I can understand most of other peoples conversations now a days. I remember when I was sitting on the plane on the runway facing Belgium the directions were in English first then French, and I still couldnt catch anything. But now its better. I just need to work on the speaking part. Theres so many extra little words like la, de, and un in sentances and I have no idea when to use them and when not to. Its technical-grammer-crap. But other than that everything is great. I got new batteries for my camera. Its insane that I lasted this long on only one set! Insane.

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