Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just an Update...

Well, nothing has really changed all that much since my last post. :) Im still in Belgium and still loving it. I went Kyacking on Saturday. the Country side was beautiful. Eventually Ill put some pictures on facebook. School is going good. Nothing new there. Im now going to greece over spring break... thatl be good fun. Oh ya... the other night we were eating chicken nuggets and I was dipping them in what I though was like a whippedcream jello dessert... no. It was fish eggs. So I geuss I like dipping my chicken nuggets in fish eggs. Thats about it.


  1. Haha fish eggs. Good job Deanna. :]]
    I miss you! I can't believe we haven't met up yet!!


  2. Hey Love! Everyone is PA misses you so much! Especially Grammy! She asks me everytime I talk to her if I've talked to you or know how you're doing.... Any news or exciting info I can pass on to her? PS I'm thinking the 17th of July for a weddding, if Ic an pull it together. Does that fit your schedule? Or should it be later?