Friday, July 24, 2009

Suitcase Success!

Three weeks today I will be flying to Brussels!! Since I had NOTHING better to do i practiced packing my suitcase ;) I fit every single article of clothing I plan on taking (with the exceptions of a shirt that's in the wash and the new socks I need to buy) into my largest suitcase, didn't even need the expandable zipper thingy, and then, since the airport will not tolerate suitcases weighing even an ounce over 50 lbs, I weighed it on my wii fit balance board: 32 pounds!! WOO!! I squeeze more clothes into it so I'm pretty happy right now =P I was worried, because I'm one of those people who keeps clothes just in case I may need it for, I don't know, a costume or something, I couldn't imagine living out of a suitcase for an entire year!! Shucks, when I go on a weekend trip somewhere I over-stuff that suitcase. I'm in a very good mood :)

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