Sunday, January 24, 2010

MERRY CHRSTMAS part 3 of 4

So here is one example of why being an exchange student is so great. I got christmas presents on the 13th of December, the 25th of Decemer, the 24th of January, and when i return home i have more presents waiting for me :))) this is the explanation of the January 24th.... so my two host sisters studied straight thru christmas. since exams are finished the fetes commence!! we ate alot... and then we opened presents (chocolate, scarves, jewlery, and a wallet for me) i do love when christmas last more than the month between thanksgiving and christmas. and since the 6 cds of christmas music only just arrived last week i have been enjoying Relient Ks 12 days of christmas.... quick question.... anybody NOT know what a pear tree is??

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