Wednesday, November 25, 2009


so we had thanksgiving on Saturday. sorta. we ate turkey anyway. i think. it was like a turkey-stuffing loaf in the shape of a turkey anyway. and we had a fancy form of tatertots for potatos and a mushroom soup. it was very sweet tho. Ill definatly be missing Aunt Lynnettes house tomorrow. i called ohio for the first time on monday! mom answered the phone and she didnt recognize me so we had a casual conversation for the fist few secondes until she was like 'whos this' and i was like 'Deanna' and she went... NO IT ISNT! IS IT? aww! sweetie?.... too cute :) we talked for wayyy longer than we should have probably. but dad said hed take the international phone bill for one hour if its a problem. i figure tho, if i would have called for 5 minutes every week since ive been here it would be up to the same so i think im justifyed. im in a Junior acheivement mini entriprise and we had our big meeting with our share holders last night. my entriprise was looking pretty spiffy if i do say. guys wore black dress pants, white dress shirts and red ties. Girls wore black skirts, white shirts, and red ties, except for me cuz ya know, i for got to pack my tie collection when i was packing for an entire year in 2 suitcases. we all matched and new our parts (mine was to stand there and smile and not let people know im from a different country) ya know your not in america when students serve students champagne at a school event. wow.

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